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Frequently Asked Questions

Please send your requirement to us , we will add you in to the right group class ASAP.

Unless decided in advance, our teachers will use your first lesson to determine your ability and expectations. From this they can help you choose the textbook series that will work best for you.

Our teachers are all experienced Chinese teachers, who are able to adjust their teaching style to most effectively meet the students’ needs. The majority of our teachers have a degree in teaching Chinese to foreigners.

1 on1 class is unable to grant Student visas (X), generally only universities who teach large classes are able to offer this kind of visa. Our full time students tend to have Tourist (L) Visas, or Business Trip (F) Visa, which we can often help with arranging for students preparing to come to china.

Each student has a limited number of classes that can re- scheduled. Classes canceled with less than 24hours no- tice however cannot be re-scheduled.

We want our students to succeed in whatever language goals they set for themselves. For those who want to take the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi – a standardized test for measuring your Chinese ability), our teachers are able to support you by helping work through the appropriate curriculum to attain that goal.

For most of our students their main goal is to achieve fluency in speaking in preparation for pursuing work and friendships within China. However, to give you an approximate time frame for HSK, previous students have passed HSK 4 after 18months of class (at 6 hours of class per week), and other students have passed HSK 5 after 26 months of class (at 10 hours of class per week). A few of our students have attained HSK 6 in this same period of time.

There is no entrance exam. Our teachers can teach from any level from complete beginner or advanced-high. For those who have already studied Chinese, we may ask them to complete a short test (30mins) so that the teacher can begin at the correct level from day 1.

The 1on1 teaching method does work for children. We do have experience teaching children and have found that children learn best when learning with their friends and having fun. We have also had success teaching families with young children.

If there is no time to do homework – that is ok. However, the fastest way to progress is be properly prepared for class, to allow time after class to review what you have learned during class, and to practice new words and grammar in real life settings.

English not being your first language should not necessarily be a barrier to learning Chinese. The textbooks we use generally give their vocabulary lists in Chinese and English, but with adequate preparation this should not present a problem. Some of our curriculum is also available in other languages. If you are a complete beginner, and your spoken English is a little weak, then you may want to bring a friend to help you register for class, but after that your classes can be just in Chinese, with no need to use English.